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Mythical and Fantasy Tattoos – Meaning, Design, History, Pictures, and Video

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Fantasy Tattoo

A fantasy tattoo can mean so many different things to people. Getting a fantasy tattoo might show that the wearer likes the fantasy world or its characters. A fantasy tattoo can range from a small pixie behind the ear, stardust just by the neck, among other fantasy symbols.

Even though fantasy can be unrealistic, so many people still indulge in wearing a tattoo from its theme majorly because it can be an escape from reality.

A fantasy tattoo can range from a small pixie behind the ear, stardust just by the neck, among other fantasy symbols.

Some fantasy tattoos and what they stand for have been listed below:

  • Mythical serpent tattoo symbolism: Mythical serpents are also associated with dragons and even sea monsters. These creatures are regularly seen to be incredible and furious champions with an air of elegance but menace. A winged serpent tattoo can represent guidance, assurance, or fortitude but a few of them are categorized as demonic or affiliated with the devil. Some can also represent force and strength, or a free and courageous character.


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  • Pixie tattoo symbolism: Pixies or fairies are well-known tattoos common to both genders. The male gender favors a female pixie which is depicted to be beautiful, alluring, and enchanting, while females pick pixie tattoos for a more representative nature. Some accept that a pixie brings the best of luck and abundance. Others pick pixies as an image of honesty, adolescence, and youth. Pixies have no definite character in their mythology so they represent different things to different people.

  • Phoenix tattoo symbolism: Phoenix are known as birds that burn when they die and out of their ashes, a new one comes to life. The most well-known imagery behind a phoenix tattoo incorporates messages of death and resurrection, change, and progress. It might likewise mean effortlessness, temperance, life, and security. People that adorn this tattoo wear it when they feel they want to start their life afresh or at some point, they started afresh.

Other fantasy tattoos and their meanings include:

  • Wizard tattoo: This kind of tattoo conveys a message of wizardry, freedom, power, and secrecy. The wearer of a wizard tattoo is usually one who loves the nature of witchcraft and wizardry or even a geek. A few wizards can be dull and furious. Others can be benevolent, practically like Merlin. Some accept that a wizard tattoo can bring the best of luck and avert evil.

  • Mermaid tattoo: This is a well-known dream tattoo for sailors or persons who work at the sea with a few exceptions to land workers. They are likewise well known for the individuals who appreciate swimming, nonexclusive imagery of mermaids, the enticing quality, and the secret, magnificence, force, and gentility of ladies.

  • Unicorn tattoo: Unicorns are the most extraordinary and most supernatural dream characters, known for their shifty characters. Unicorns are interesting, enchanted, quiet, and peaceful creatures. Some unicorn tattoos show a hybrid of a unicorn and a Pegasus (winged pony). At its center, the imagery of a unicorn tattoo is a message of honesty, the virtue of heart, generosity, recuperating, and harmony.

Lord of the Rings Tattoo

The Lord of the Rings trilogy by Tolkien is about a shy, young hobbit by the name of Frodo Baggins who inherits a gold ring. Tolkien’s audience received the movie well and it blew up just when it was released. It was not too long after the movie was released that fans were seen tattooing their favorite character(s), text(s), scene(s), and other events that spoke to them from the movie. Not all fans got a Lord of the Rings tattoo to show their love for the movie, some had it for personal reasons.

Of all Lord of the Rings symbols, the first ring also known as One Ring itself broke out to be the most tattooed because of its simplicity and uniqueness. It can be placed anywhere, the side of the neck, finger, wrist, ankle, ear area, or forearm. Some also can decide to wear a particular character due to the personal connection they feel with it. A person who has a thing for leadership would probably wear a Gandalf tattoo. Sam and Frodo’s tattoos can be gotten for friendships.

Another very unique tattoo that can be gotten from the movie is the world map tattoo. It can show where, when, and how the movie was acted. While someone might enjoy having a map tattoo inked on them, another might as well prefer a line that was said in the movie and the most passionate of them can have a whole scene inked on their back or chest.


While some people argued that the movie was based on real history that happened in the Middle-earth years ago, others mentioned that it was all Tolkien’s imagination back in the military. Tolkien was allegedly said to have found some old books in the school library written in the Scandinavian language and he fervently studied the language to enable him to read the books.

The Middle-earth in the past is an imaginary period of the Earth. Tolkien’s story has not just men but Orcs, Dragons, Elves, Hobbits, Trolls, and Dwarves. He started the story in 1937 and then wrote sequels which then proceeded to a novel, then later, a movie based on the story was birthed. In 1937 when he first wrote the story, he named it “The Hobbit” which was initially written for children. Then he developed it into a bigger project and renamed it ‘The Lord of the Rings” and the book turned out to be a bestseller with over 100 million copies sold.

The Lord of the Rings fans has a whole lot of designs to choose from ranging from Gandalf the Grey, Elvish writings, Leaf of Lorien which was used as a protective amulet, hobbits, the rings, the elf queen among other characters and objects of the movie or novel. It is important to understand the meaning behind whatever it is one wants to get tattooed on themselves and the choice of the place where the tattoo is to sit as long as one is a fan.

Ring Tattoo

Ring tattoo is exclusively for adults who are together as each other’s spouses or for some who do not believe in marriages. The tattoo can be gotten as a sort of vow that they will get married later on. But, unfortunate things happen, life and its unpredictability strikes, and the next minute the tattoos have to be covered up by either one or both parties. Ring tattoos are the kinds that must not at all be done in a rush. The future of the relationship must be properly analyzed. Not all ring tattoos are for vows and drawn on the finger as some can be drawn around the arm or leg like a band.

People get ring tattoos for different reasons, one of which is an alternative in place of diamonds. Another reason is that some couples get their ring tattoos done in place of an original ring till they can afford the ring of their choice. Others get a ring tattoo based on inspiration or imagination. Some would rather not get a real ring, not because of cost, but their jobs. Those kinds of couples would rather have their rings inked on their fingers. That way, they know they’ll never lose it. The two players ought to settle on tattoos that will be an impression of their obligation to each other just as their singular characters. There are various styles and methods when getting a ring tattoo and they include:


  • Getting a ring configuration inked on their fingers while others decide to get the main name, epithet, or initials of their adored one.
  • Going for a more profound translation, similar to a picture that has important worth, the numbers that address the day they met, or a statement or series of words that have a significance just the couple can comprehend.
  • Getting one that is a demonstration of affection that would not be easily lost or stolen.
  • Getting for a ring that is associated with a memory or inspiration

If using a picture, the selected one will be with you for the rest of your life. Getting the name of your beloved as a band or the customary butterfly on your lower leg is a certain something regardless of whether they are no longer together after ten years. It symbolizes a pleasant memory. A ring tattoo is never gotten on a whim or in a rush because it is one of the only tattoos that have a significant reason attached to it.

After separation, the tattoo can fill in as a token of love and adoration taking in all that they could from each other that is needed to continue. . Rings, in general, represent a never-ending cycle and the wearer can decide which cycle he or she associates the ring with. Apart from love and adoration, this tattoo can also represent life and death, love and hate, and the balance between the two. It defines the Yin and Yang of existence.

Devil Tattoo

As far as anyone knows, the devil is an embodiment of fiendishness and he is portrayed in a variety of names and shapes, a person with horns, a red creature with tails, and sometimes as an evil entity entirely which entices, draws, and deceives individuals toward carrying out wicked or improper things. Another name of a devil tattoo is the Lucifer tattoo. This is because the devil is also known as Lucifer in the Bible and the bible is the source of the Devil. The devil frequently represents narcissistic and self-fulfilling acts.

Now and again, devil tattoos can stand for an old lifestyle, take, for instance, somebody that went through a tough time, like a time of dependence or regular battling, may get a devil tattoo to address the presence of temptation. A devil tattoo is once in a while depicted as charming, and on females, alluring. Such tattoos might represent a somewhat shrewd nature of happiness that is found in wicked vices or indulgences.

There are different forms of devil tattoos as there are different signs associated with the devil. One of them is the 666 tattoo. 666 tattoos appear to be just numbers but they are translated as more than numbers especially in some societies. In the bible, 666 is known as the mark of the devil, and anybody that bears the mark is associated with the devil.


Everything the devil tattoo represents is at par with the 666 tattoos. Other signs or tattoos associated with the devil are the horn, the cross upside down, skeleton, and many more.

A devil tattoo usually appears to reflect something negative with regards to the wearer. Devil tattoos are for the most part so vile that their look startles the youthful personalities, and only brings adverse feelings. Such affiliations are being supported by our inward voice since it has been programmed in us that Satan is an antipode of God. It is generally accepted that dark forces are much more powerful, and aggressive which is why such sensations of individuals such as jealousy, eagerness, and contempt are ascribed to the production of Satan.

Devil tattoos can appear in different structures, just like devil fables and customary stories. The basic description is a red humanoid-looking animal that has horns, a forked tail, and a pitchfork. In Greek mythology, the devil takes after the god Pan, with legs that resemble that of a goat and with cloven hooves. In Christianity, the devil is known as Lucifer, the Morning Star, and Fallen Angel. Yet, peering somewhere inside devils legends, it turns out to be considerably more complex than that. In Christian folklore, Satan is a holy messenger who fell out of favour with the Almighty or was projected out of paradise. Numerous different religions mirror this strain among great and evil in Satan or devils.

The devil is known in so many cultures as the keeper of the underworld and torturer of the damned souls that do not make it into paradise.

Demon Tattoo

While countless individuals glare at the “demon” word, others attach a different meaning to it. Demons are usually known as the Devil’s henchmen and some believe them to be fallen angels. Concerning religion, the devil has been attached to the shortfall of godliness, virtue, and goodness, meaning the devil is bad. Relating a demon tattoo to life and people can mean different things to the wearer of the tattoo. For a person who has always conformed to societal and cultural norms, getting a demon tattoo can mean a kind of slide into another kind of values and convictions for a change.

To another, demon tattoos can remain as a subtle reminder about the past deeds that have been done remembering that people are not heavenly as we are painted to be. It is worn on the body as inconspicuous to show that everybody has his/her demon that they struggle with. It can likewise be related to where one is recuperating from a terrible experience and the evil presence assists them with recalling how they went through it and affirming their purpose or their resistance to a similar situation. Demon tattoos are of various kinds, going from Gargoyle, Valkyrie, and Raven to Fallen Angel, Skull, and Demon snake tattoos. Different examples of legendary demons are Alastor, Abraxas, Azazel, Bael, and Behemoth.


Having a demon tattooed on one’s body can mean security from evil presences or forces by driving them off. It can show one’s naughty side or a defiant mentality. In some cases, demons can be depicted with a holy messenger partner, or a lady representing the harmony among good and evil.

Demon tattoos come in a wide range of styles, from American customary tattoos to neo-conventional, dark, watercolour, realism, and exploratory. Whatever the style, a demon tattoo is just as striking as it can be. The most well-known spot to tattoo a demon is generally the back, shoulder, chest, side, and even thigh tattoo.

Evil spirits are generally classified into two; the demons of agony and gargoyles. Gargoyles are usually placed on the side of old churches or old buildings, usually at the top. They are the short-winged animals made of stones around the top of pillars mostly to ward off evil presence. This means tattoo designs with their image acts as a talisman because the long stone gargoyle by the passageway to the church’s building is believed to be guarding it against evil forces.

Some mythological demons are;

Nure onna: an evil spirit with a human head and the body of the snake, who is known as the “water lady.”

Rokurokubi: this is a demon that is similar to individuals. The tattoo is portrayed as a lovely lady and it is associated with blasphemers.

Kitsune: an evil spirit as a fox who deludes individuals and feeds them with energy. they can take on human form. Tattoo with the picture of the Kitsune implies insight, agility, and cleverness. It is portrayed as a fox with mostly nine tails.

Owl Tattoo

There are many attributes attached to the owl, but the most popular of these attributes include wisdom and insight. These attributes make the owl tattoo design one of the most south after tattoo designs in the world. The owl is very active at night which makes it a nocturnal animal. Apart from this, it also has incredible sights, as its eyes can see from about a mile away.

Physically, the owl has big eyes which accounts for its impressive hunting ability. Because of the size of its eyes, the bird can see clearly regardless of the light condition. These features make it easier for the owl to hunt at night. Expert biologists described the owl’s hunting process as discreet and camouflaging. It is discreet because the bird rarely makes any noise while flying, and its feathers allow it to blend perfectly with its surrounding, hence the camouflaging. Finally, the owl is an energetic bird because of its activity. Since the bird is more active at night than in the morning, it gets to save up enough energy for flight and other activities, as against other birds that are active during the day.

Because of the aforementioned features, tattoos depicting owl designs stand for an opportunity as well as foresight. However, it is important to state that owls have different depictions depending on the traditions and legends of the past.


As an example, the ancient Egyptians believe that owls can communicate with the dead and also serve as the keeper of dead souls. The Roman legends take the superstition a bit higher as they believe that when an owl hoots in public, an important figure is about to die. Others believe that the bird is also a spirit guide as well as a custodian of great information.

In summary, the following virtues include intelligence, death, opportunity, knowledge, vision, security, secret, experience, courier, and instinct. With all of these virtues and representations in mind, it is not surprising that tattoos depicting owls are very popular.

Owl tattoos are perfect for different parts of the body which include the ear, back, and sidearm. Due to the relation of the owl to knowledge and foresight, the tattoo can serve as an inspiration for knowledge and guidance. It could also serve as a form of protection against evil spirits and souls. Due to the numerous representations of the owl in ancient traditions, tattoo artists have gotten creative with owl tattoo designs. One of the creative forms of representing the animal in tattoos is the drawing of the bird with its bright gem eyes. There is also the representation of the bird with its claws holding a lamp.

Also due to the relation of owls to time, some tattoos show the bird in the form of an hourglass or a timekeeper. Owl tattoos are also perfect for kids as many parents have representations of young owls for their children. Regardless of culture and background, an owl tattoo is perfect for everybody.

Snake Tattoo

At the first mention, the feelings and emotions attributed to snakes include deception, evil, cunning, stealth, and deadliness. However, a deeper study into the nature of snakes shows that there are different emotions attached to snakes. The difference depends on the prevalent culture in a society. For instance, the Japanese revere snakes as gods and goddesses. Thus a tattoo of a snake in that culture comes with positive emotions rather than negative ones. An average Japanese believes that snakes protect them from illness and misfortune.

Apart from the Japanese, other cultures hold snakes in high esteem. In some societies, whoever kills a snake gets cursed by the deities. These societies are African and Indian American societies. The latter holds the belief that the serpent has a pivotal part in the creation process. Other societies draw a connection between it and rain. Also, the Chinese attribute virtues such as secretive, intelligence, effortlessness, and astuteness to the creature. This is because it’s cryptic and stealthy in nature.

Snakes have a bad image with a lot of religious people and this representation traces back to the biblical story about the event between Adam and his wife, Eve, who are the first people created and the snake in the garden. An event that resulted in the expulsion of the couple.


Taking a cue from this story, there are beliefs that snakes cause things like wickedness, temptation, allurement, and sin. Thus, some people would regard snake tattoos as dangerous and tempting. This feeling is prevalent in African societies where many people hold the belief that the serpent has the power to turn into attractive females, luring unsuspecting people into danger.

Despite all of these bad representations, snake tattoos can also mean and stand for good and positive things. An example of this is rebirth. This interpretation stems from the skin-shedding feature of the snake. This feature allows the reptile to show up in brighter skin. Thus, many tattoo artists can depict the cycle of life using the well-designed snake tattoo. Other positive interpretations of the tattoo include change, eternity, and also resurrection.

A species of snake revered and respected amongst the Japanese is the White Snake. In its depiction, the artist uses the head of a woman and the body of a snake, a depiction that further entrenches the association of the reptile with women. In some ancient societies, the depiction of the reptile on human skin could be spiritual. This interpretation takes root from folklores.

Of the other mythical tattoos, this is one of the least popular. This is due to the evil connotations that many cultures attributed to vipers. For instance, Christianity teaches that a snake is a creature of deception. In African societies, snakes are dangerous and any association with snakes feels occultic. Apart from these beliefs, there is also the place of fact where some species of snakes are so poisonous that one strike can lead to the death of humans or other animals. This has also caused some form of aversion to the snake tattoo.

Angel Tattoo

One of the most popular celestial beings is angels. Apart from being messengers of God, they are friendly and helpful to humans. As a result, it is not surprising to see that tattoos depicting angels are popular these days. These tattoos come in different designs and shapes. Some artists depict angels with wings, rings, or feathers. Other forms of this tattoo include a representation of a human male with wings, usually in a white robe. Across many cultures, religions, and belief systems, angels represent a force of good, truth, good character, benevolence, and virtuous conduct. As a result of this, people view an angel tattoo in a positive light in many parts of the world.

The designs used to represent angel tattoos stem from the understanding of angels and how they operate. Many religions and belief systems regard angels are couriers or ministering spirits from God. As a result, they have different abilities and gifts, one of which includes the power to travel from their abode (the heaven or sky) to earth and also travel back. An attempt to depict this ability in a tattoo form led to the stairwell to heaven theme. This theme gets support from the biblical references that talk about angels ascending and descending from heaven.


Some tattoos show angels defending or guarding something. This depiction stems from the belief that angels can defend or guard against evil spirits and bad occurrences. However, as much as there are good representations about angels, there are also bad ones. Ever heard of Fallen Angels? These are angels chased out of heaven because they disobeyed God, and they are regarded as bad angels. Lucifer is an example of a Fallen Angel, and tattoos are depicting this type of angel too. Some people regard this type of angel tattoos are bad.

So depending on the type of angel tattoos you opt for, there are different meanings and interpretations for angel tattoos. The popular ones, however, include comfort, guardian, friendship, loyalty, bravery, serenity, sanctity, calmness, courage, strength, and dignity. Many people believe that they can get this virtue by having an angel’s name or image inked on their body. Some people feel a sense of security and calmness with the angel tattoo on their bodies. Others believe that having their angel tattoos by their sides (left or right) means that they have good company and can take advice from the angels.

Finally, some societies believe that angels are harbingers of light, and having a tattoo of an angel helps one focus on their internal light. People can also find solace in tattoos of angels on their bodies when going through difficult times and situations.

In conclusion, a tattoo of an angel is beautiful and also has positive connotations in many cultures and societies around the world.

Tiger Tattoo

Despite being wild animals, tigers are the favorite animals for lots of people. The reason for this love could be due to the beautiful array of colorful fur that the wild cat possesses. As a result of this beautiful fur and skin, tiger tattoos are one of the most sought-after tattoo options in many tattoo parlors around the world. And in response to the high demand for tiger tattoos, tattoos artists came up with lots of beautiful designs and representations of tiger tattoos. Of these designs, the most popular is one where the fur pattern is easily visible and discerning.

While everybody notices the beauty and strength of the wild cat, Tiger, most people do not know that the animal is on the verge of extinction. This means that, in a not-so-far-away time, we might not see tigers anymore. Out of its nine species, about three species are already extinct. The most popular species are the Bengali Tigers, which are also the oldest tiger species. They have been in existence for about 15000 years and number around 3000 species, making them the most populous species of tigers too. Bali Tigers are another species of tiger but they are already extinct. One of the species on the verge of extinction is the Siberian Tiger, and cross-breeding with Bengali Tigers is currently occurring to prevent the extinction of this species.


The result of the crossbreeding is the White Tiger which possesses the most beautiful fur, due to the combination of the different shades of fur from the parent tigers. It is important to note that the colorful fur that makes tigers attractive is also one of the reasons for their near-extinction. The wild cat is one of the most hunted animals in the wild. Therefore, many people wear tiger tattoos to show support for the wild cat and also campaign against its hunting and poaching.

Apart from the show of solidarity, tiger tattoos also have cultural and spiritual influences. For instance, the White Tiger holds a revered status in Asian culture, especially among the Chinese and Japanese. These societies believe that the tiger has mystical powers and it appears in a land where the leader is just and peaceful. As a result, a tiger tattoo can stand for strength, will, and courage. It could also be interpreted as independence or craving for independence. This interpretation stems from the nature of the tiger as it hunts alone.

In Chinese folklore and legends, the tiger tattoo is a symbol of royalty, powerful energy (also known as Yin), and courage. The animal’s tattoo could also mean ferocity and steadfastness. This stems from the association of tigers to the war goddess Durga, in other parts of the Asian continent.

This animal’s tattoo can sit on many parts of the body. From the biceps to the forearms, back, shoulder, chest, or even head. You may see tiger tattoos with details of a dragon. The reason for this is that many Asian cultures place dragons and tigers on the same level of importance.

Wolf Tattoo

Wolves are another set of animals that most people love. This is despite the fact they are wild animals with dangerous tendencies to harm humans. The love for wolves stems from their highly intelligent organization and effective operation as a unit or pack which is the name for a group of wolves. Because the animal hunts mostly at night, experts believe that wolves have a clear line of sight. Another popular feature or characteristic of the wolf is the loyalty they exude. While this is true for almost all the animals in the cat family, wolves seem to take the loyalty up a notch. This is why the popular representations of wolves show them in a large family pack with the Alpha as the head and the older wolves caring for the young wolves.

A wolf tattoo is possibly the most identified animal figure utilized from past to present. The Wolf holds a highly regarded position in many societies. One of the myths associated with wolves is the werewolf myth where a human can become a wolf on a full moon. In different societies, wolves have an uncommon significance. However, in fantasies and legends mostly in European society, the wolf has an image of disdain and wickedness. The narrative of a werewolf in Scandinavian folklore is a wolf imagined to be wicked in the Little Red Riding Hood story and some other fantasies from Medieval Germany. In Indian culture, there is extraordinary regard for the wolves.


In India, the wolf image was given uniquely to scholarly people who were smart and ready to lead while in Turkish folklore, wolves were said to protect the people according to legend.

However, despite this impressive background, some cultures have negative connotations for wolves. These cultures believe that wolves are signs of the fallen angels and this makes them evil. Regardless of this belief system and cultural attribution, the most popular interpretation of a wolf tattoo is positive. A wolf tattoo could mean love, loyalty, and unbreakable family bonds. You can also show your commitment, dedication, and also solidarity to a family or group through a wolf tattoo. Many people show these emotions by getting a tattoo depicted by a wolf’s paw and adding the name of their loved ones or family members to the paw. And in a bid to drive the idea home, they get this type of tattoo on their chest, showing that the commitment or loyalty to the loved one or family member is close to heart. Lastly, a wolf tattoo could also depict a person with enviable leadership qualities, taking from the leadership ability of the Alpha Wolf.

In summary, it is clear that people could see a wolf tattoo is a good or bad thing. It solely depends on the cultural background or the culture and belief system prevalent in the society where the tattoo wearer lives. Regardless of these cultures, the majority of interpretation for a wolf tattoo is positive and has endearing connotations.

And to wrap it all up here is a short 6-minute video with epic Lord of The Rings tattoos. Have fun!